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What makes us different?

  • Our focus is on INTENSIVE casting director workshops; multiple weeks with the same CD
  • All of our actors are PRESCREENED into one of five different talent levels
  • Industry Guests are current, active, and receptive to our clients
  • Every client works with a personal CONSULTANT
  • All of our employees are also ACTORS
  • Solid reputation for the best guests, talent, and employees
  • Safe convenient location near the 101 & 405      
  • Bonded & Licensed by the state of California
  • In business since 1996
  • Free underground parking on weeknights
    (Click here for a map of parking in the area.)

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Membership Fee: ZERO!

And here’s what’s included with that:

1. Your own personal consultant to help you choose the right casting director workshop for you.

Need help figuring out which headshots to use? Don't know which casting directors are right for you to meet? Contact your consultant for any industry advice. They know what's what and who's who in this business. They are here specifically to help guide you in the right direction.   And there's no extra charge... They're free with purchase :) You just pay for the workshops you take.

2. We are the only place in town that prescreens our actors!

This way, we can ensure that you're in a workshop with others at your level, both talent and careerwise.  Sure it takes a little extra time to do this, but we feel it's well worth it. The CDs certainly appreciate it too! 

3. We've got free secure underground parking!  Who else has that?  Um... no one. So that's cool.

4.  The majority of our workshops are intensives, where you're getting in front of the same casting director for multiple weeks in a row! 

Here at Act Now it's really about building relationships with our industry guests. Who's going to remember you in 3 years?  Probably no one when you're meeting them once for a 5 minute cold read. 

So give us a call and we’ll help you figure out if we are the right company for you!


Want to learn a little bit more? Check out these two videos! :)

First up, a video that sums up a little bit of what we're all about:


Then check out this interview with Act Now owner Kenna Dean,
and consultant Becca Leigh Gellman:

They were invited to discuss workshops on "The Casting Call" on AfterBuzz TV.

Also, for a great article on workshops in general, 
not just at Act Now, check out this article by the incredible
David H. Lawrence XVII - actor, VO extraordinaire, owner of VO2GoGo.com, and creator of the popular Rehearsal 2 app!

"On Casting Workshops"

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